Designer Jaime Tresserra invites you to take a seat in his new piece: “Lola”, a comfortable, elegant, light armchair

Rational and restful

One of the qualities of the “Lola” armchair lies in the contrast the designer has managed to draw between its radical geometry and its slim profile, in order to organize the space without invading it.

Two slits in each arm facilitate movability and help enhance the impression of lightness.

“I wanted the arms to be generous, giving the wood a curve to provide a sense of firmness and comfort at the same time. These first visual impressions have an immediate influence on the posture and mood of the person sitting in it.”

Unique style

The “Lola” armchair, true to Tresserra’s style, combines walnut wood, vaquetilla leather and stainless steel: the specific and characteristic colours, materials and components of the Catalan designer’s collection.

“The proven quality of these materials in terms of durability and excellent aging provides an extra guarantee that protects them against the passing of time and places them on the plane of timelessness, far-removed from passing fads”.

The “Lola” armchair will be exhibited at our Paris showroom from September 6, 2013.

Armchair in light / dark walnut wood upholstered in vaquetilla leather in hazelnut / dark brown colour and stainless metal fittings.

Dimensions: 974 x 885 x 785mm